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If you have at least one pallet to ship, we shop thousands of carriers and send you the best shipping options.

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Freight Shipping Services

We provide supply chain and logistics services for companies anywhere in the U.S and Canada. We pride ourselves on billing accuracy and keeping you up to date on your shipments. We are fast, easy & simple. We shop your needs to provide you with the best rates, delivery times, and service.

“You get multiple quotes to choose from, with the best pricing you’ll find anywhere, and can book an LTL shipment without ever having to pick up the phone!” – Susan K. Happy Customer

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Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Products or goods that do not require a full truckload. LTL freight shipments usually weigh between 150 and 15,000 pounds

Temp. Controlled

When goods must be kept at a certain temperature from the moment it leaves the facility until it arrives at the destination.

Partial (Shared Truckload)

If it goes OTR regardless of lead time, we'll be there to handle your Truckload needs.

Dry Van

Keep goods and products “dry” and protected from external elements. One of the most common shipping methods today.


The shipping of goods over a short distance. It is often part of a longer overall move, like moving freight from a container ship to a warehouse.


Moving freight by two or more modes of transportation.


Transportation for cargo that may not require the enclosure of a dry van, cannot be loaded or unloaded from a dock or does not fit within the dimensions of standard truck trailers.


For an urgent shipment that must arrive by a certain date (and possibly a certain time).

Power Only

A full truckload capacity solution that occurs when a carrier provides only a driver and a tractor, the trailer is either leased or owned by a shipper.

LTL and FTL Freight Quoting and Shipping

LTL or “less than truckload” is when freight only takes up a portion of a trailer. FTL stands for “full truckload” and used when freight requires the use of an entire trailer.

With a quick overview, we can help you decide which way is the best way to fit your shipping needs. 


The biggest difference between LTL vs FTL is the cost.

LTL can significantly save on shipping the same freight in an empty truck by shipping a smaller freight load. In some instances where you have a shipment large enough to fill an entire container, shipping FTL may be less expensive.

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I just want to be able to track my shipment and have a friendly person available if I have any questions or concerns!” – Shippers

 I don’t want any headaches, I want to deal with cool people who are easy to work with, pay on time and handle the admin work.” – Carriers

Throughout our careers in the supply chain, this is what we heard over and over, and the various companies we worked for never seemed to measure up. So we created Simple-Ship, to simplify logistics for everybody.

We help major companies save time finding the best shipping solutions. We help local business owners save money by avoiding common shipping pitfalls and ensuring cargo safety.

“You can get multiple quotes to choose from, with better pricing than I get elsewhere and can book an LTL shipment without ever having to pick up the phone!” – Susan K. Happy Customer


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