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We believe that in the current world dominated by tight schedules, time is of the essence. That is primarily the reason behind our project. Simpleship solution launched 5 years ago to help bridge a digitalization gap within the goods delivery sector.

Made up of three great friends who are passionate about creating useful solutions in the shipping field, we embarked on developing this product. Furthermore, we consulted with the companies involved in the management and delivery of orders to determine their challenges to enable us to solve them effectively.

In our research, we discovered three critical shortcomings in this sector. Our findings enabled us to come up with an integration of three products. Simpleship Client for clients to create orders from your catalog and receive invoices, Simpleship Manager for delivery management and Simpleship Go for drivers to access their daily tasks and collect signatures, in turn, eliminating paperwork.

We strive to design incredible features and always provide our clients with the opportunity to have the benefits of using the newest Simpleship solutions. We will help you save time and money because while working with us, you will not need to pitch your challenges to IT contractors since we probably already know them.

If by any chance, we do not have a solution currently, we will add your problem to our Backlog and create a feature as soon as our resources allow. Our business model provides you with answers to the issues that you have not yet thought about.

Since other companies also have already requested features that you have not encountered in your operations, we will make your company more competitive in the market. We provide near-perfect seamless services and solutions to help your business thrive. If you have any questions about the product, contact our sales team who will guide you through all our products, features, and solutions.


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