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Have A Store? You Need a Robust Delivery Management Software

In 2020, deliveries have not just become commonplace but have also become quicker and more efficient. If you want your store to perform well with your customers, improve revenue and make more sales.

Why do you need a delivery management software?

A delivery management software is a small but highly productive tool for your business that digitalized logistics operations. Things like vehicle tracking, dispatching, managing inventory and planning the best routes for delivery can be done more easily with this software. You will also get a clear look at cost per mile and get access to the most accurate ETAs.

Small businesses and companies with physical stores have to fight an uphill battle against large corporates which make deliveries very fast and accurate. However, they have an advantage that big companies don’t. The hyperlocal approach of smaller companies means that deliveries within a certain radius of the physical store can be made very easily and efficiently. The speed and accuracy of the delivery business could be far better, as small businesses are better equipped to their neighborhoods and cities.

By using a delivery management software together with POD, you can digitalize the process of making deliveries. Simply feed in the delivery data, assign the task to an employee, plan the most efficient routes for the highest number of deliveries in the smallest time frames and voila! You have a flourishing business that keeps getting rave reviews about your excellent service.

Make returns and emergency deliveries easier

Your business can not just make deliveries easier but also make last-minute orders to customers. Whether it is a midnight craving of one customer or last-minute plans to buy a dress for next morning’s events, your business is better equipped to handle such requests. This is not all, you can also make returns quicker and easier for customers, make replacements fast and provide your customers the ultimate delivery experience.

Now that’s something large corporations can’t match!

Most delivery management software come with robust route planning and task assigning tools that help keep your business a step ahead of the curve. This is not all, you also get best-in-class proof of delivery which ensures that the right products are delivered to the right customers- and that too on time!

Around 2010, having a delivery management software for your small company with a physical store would have been revolutionary. In 2020, it is a necessity that you can’t ignore. Providing customer experiences while increasing sales and turning a profit with the use of technology is more important today than it was 10 years ago.

It is high time you get a software for your business and get 360-degree logistics management solutions that can improve logistics visibility, reduce ETAs and delivery costs and also help you gain a larger share of sales as profit.

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